Hand In Mind
  • Hand in Mind
  • Beautiful charm bracelets

    Hundreds of combinations to choose from!

  • Hand therapy treatment resources tools & activities

    Made for the outpatient and hand therapy clinic

  • Hand crafted jewelry

    earrings, necklaces, bracelets

*Affordable HAND THERAPY Education

Hand in Mind offers many unique treatment activities and learning opportunities for the hand and occupational therapist. 

*Hand shaped earrings

The exquisite form and function of the hand allows for our connection to the world.  There is no other appendage that commands such a utilitarian outcome.  For those who treat the hand, or have an inquisitive quest to collect, there is a  is a delightful collection of findings for anyone who appreciates the hand in any capacity!  There are many pieces that have been custom fabricated, some collected and some commissioned just for our shop. 

So what is in your box?

Each piece comes ready for giving or keeping with:

  • Complimentary microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Your earrings
  • A pretty storage or gift box for safe keeping
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed 

Look around at this collection. There is something here for you!


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