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ARE you ready for a NEW exercise system that offers extensive exercise options all wrapped up in a single device? Then take a moment to read the information below! Scroll all the way down to your options

**This device is assembled using materials found at Home Depot.  Prices fluctuate depending on the cost of wood, casters and extension poles. **

Versatile   Simple     Dynamic         Fun        Original      Multi functional

The MOBILE ARM is a multi functional exercise device designed to use as a static, dynamic and mobile exercise system for the upper extremity.  The basic design utilizes a circular wood base, an 8-foot extension pole in the center and locking wheels under the base.   Upper extremity Exercises are accomplished using a combination of the mobile arm and use of resistance bands, sliding cylinders, and reach and place clips. ***NEW!! Now comes with a hook and mini-band apparatus for additional  resistive exercises

The 18-page full- color exercise booklet provides pictures with the exercises demonstrated.   

The universal joint at the base of the system allows for 360 degrees of movement in the mobile arm, allowing for multiple exercises that are resistive and non-resistive, with extensive varying degrees of challenge. 

The beginning phase of movement (static) includes a stable base with wheels locked and the injured extremity holding the mobile arm for general movement such as shoulder circles, elbow push pull, shoulder sliding up and down, and entire upper extremity stretching in many planes of motion.

When using the arm for resistive band exercises, (dynamic component) the patient engages both the injured and non-injured extremities to complete the exercises and the mobile arm and bands can be used interchangeably. This is a dynamic component that is unique to this system and allows a fresh approach to resistance bands.

 The therapist can also assist with band exercises by holding either the mobile arm or the bands and guiding the patient through the exercises.   

When the mobile arm is held steady during ambulation/rolling (mobile component) of the device, this brings in level of stability and proprioception to the upper extremity with the subsequent goal of strength and control. The 8-foot extension pole allows maximum stretch and strengthening for even the tallest patient. 

The sliding cylinders can be used for simply sliding in any position of the mobile arm, or for reaching and placing the multiple sliders onto the mobile arm for the desired range of motion positions.

The patient can sit or stand to reach with the injured extremity and place the clips on the mobile arm.   

The mobile arm pole can be removed and in its shortest position used as another means of overhead stretching by the patient either sitting or lying down.   

When fully extended position the therapist and patient can work in tandem, sitting or standing, completing stretching to the upper extremities.

Short on Space? The mobile arm rolls and sets up even in the smallest of spaces! 

No matter how you choose to use the device, your patient’s mobility needs can be addressed in a dynamic, fun and challenging manner!


The videos are key in understanding this device!

A peek inside the exercise booklet...


This is the assembled option and here is how it works.   Hand in Mind provides you with the base completely assembled.  This includes sanding, polishing, an application of a light coat of sealant. The the wheels and pole base are  attached.  The product list/instructions are provided as a reference for later if parts are needing to be replaced.   The extension pole is sent independently from the manufacturer. Of course you also get the beautiful exercise booklet,  the slider, and slider labels (should you choose to purchase additional sliders on your own) ALL of this for one low price. including shipping!

Want even MORE exercise options? Consider adding these to your order: Set of 5 pre-labeled sliders 

Colorful reach and place clips


How to use the mobile arm





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