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Hand print Wobble board- just for the hand!


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This hand-sized wobble board is sanded, painted, and covered in polyurethane and is available in 4 handprint colors.  Use the wood knob to slide the board in many exercise applications, or hold the board palm up or neutral position to balance a 2# medicine ball and challenge the wrist to strengthen & stabilize.  Turn the board "knob side down" to weight bear, roll, balance, and reach.  This wobble is perfect for the hand!  The use of the wobble is the embodiment of proprioception and is guaranteed to wake up those mechanoreceptors!                                               

Please note: These wobbles are made in my little shop. They are homemade so they do not have a perfect factory finish.  They are very cute and 100% functional fun, but there may be little imperfections.  If this bothers you please do not order.  The button fastener in the middle( on some wobble boards) cannot be felt because of the natural arch of the hand

What's in the box?

  • The wobble board of your choice
  • a micro car for rolling back and forth on the board!
  • Lots of fun

Recommended purchases and add ons

***9-10 inch wool bonnet.  Use the drop-down menu to order

***2# Medicine ball/Gold's gym brand. Walmart or Amazon

***Dycem for stabilization for use on the table




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