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ROM stickies &/or ROM laminated card

No more writing on scraps of paper or confined spaces. Your day just got a wee bit easier! Electronic medical records are here to stay, but sometimes when you are on the go, you need a quick note to jot down all of that data. Go big or small! Either will work!

ROM Stickies: These awesome stickies are perfect for "on the go" recording.  Stick them wherever you want to keep the degrees of progress handy for EMR.  You get 3 packs of 50.  That is 150 ROM stickies!


ROM big card: This combo set is the perfect tool for keeping your information ready for a later transfer.  This thick 11 x 6 card is laminated for long lasting use. A goniometer is included.  

A fine tip Sharpie is recommended. ( Office Depot, Amazon, Walmart) 

100% Acetone (can be purchased at the dollar tree) is required for removal of ink


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ROM stickies

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