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Hand therapy treatment resources: Get a grip color burst cylinders!

Every patient complains about opening jars! This activity can help!This one of a kind colorful set of PVC cylinders is custom painted then finished with germ proof polyurethane! 

Each cylinder offers a different opportunity for strength and motion for the hand and individual fingers.  Patients love the 15 sea-life putty buddies that can be rolled into the putty for maximum fun! The patient does not have to touch or manipulate the putty.  The putty buddies can be removed with a gloved hand if needed

Extra large: Two handed push and twist, and wrist flexion extension rolling

large: Grasp, push and twist

Medium: Grasp, push, twist

Small: isolated rolling with the thumb and fingers

Any of the above can be used to roll the erasures into the putty.  Each set has a different paint application that is random.  Colors are blended and are NEVER THE SAME, therefore each set is chosen at random when purchased.  Please make a note 

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