Hand In Mind

Illustrated Desktop Hand Book W/Pictorial Display

This full color desktop hand booklet is packed with everyday information that will assist any therapist at any level to gain a quick snapshot of  information regarding the hand and the upper extremity.  Each of the 19 pages contains infographics and detailed summaries to help gain an immediate understanding of the topics presented.  The booklet also contains QR links to explainer videos and fun Q&A games! This product includes a bound booklet and a beautiful full color laminated pictorial display of the volar and dorsal hand with a numbered system for reference. 

All of the pages are provided on this page!

Please watch the video below for a full review of the product. 

Reference topics include:

*Nerve compression sites

*High & low palsies

*Nerve recovery

*Spaces and places in the hand and upper extremity

*Lumps and bumps skin conditions

*Ligaments, pulleys and bone structures

*Carpal tunnel anatomy with RMB variations

*Nerve recovery

*Volar wrist dissections: Name and explain

*Carpal Fracture rates

*Common anastomoses

*Vascular supply

 *Joint stabilizers of the the hand & thumb

*Hand, wrist & forearm fractures

Mini chart topics:

*Wallerian degeneration, sensory return,

mechanoreceptor & sensory fibers, & Guyon's 

compression sites

The display cards are laminated.  The booklet is not laminated


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