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Therapy teaching and learning resource: Anatomy Club Teaching Templates

Anatomy Teaching Templates     $25  Free shipping

Use these 26 templates to help educate your patient on what anatomy is impacted by their injury.  Some templates are for teaching, and others are meant to solidify the therapist’s palpation and location skills.  This product comes with 55 discussion starter or talking point questions which can also be a helpful assignment for students needing discernment.  Please note the answers to the discussion starter questions are not provided.  Finding the answers is part of the process and may require some time. 

Here are a few suggested topics for discussion using your own verbiage:

  • The structures traveling through the carpal tunnel
  • The role of the supraspinatus in rotator cuff tendonitis
  • The pulley involved in trigger finger
  • The precarious manner in which the extensor mechanism works
  • The structures involved in TFCC injuries
  • The radial nerve entrapment at the Arcade of Frohse
  •  What parts of the skeleton are involved in their injury
  •  What aspect of the brachial plexus has been stretched/compressed
  •  What dermatome or cutaneous area is affected
  •  The Chiasma where differential glide is lost   


  • These templates are printed in 5x7 format, using quality card stock and are beautifully illustrated in an uncomplicated manner, allowing your patient to better understand his/her condition. 
  • Laminate them if you enjoy drawing to help your patient understand
  • Choose from our shrink wrap or bound options at no extra cost!


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