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Anatomy Quest games and activities! Part of the everyday anatomy package, NOT FOR SEPARATE ORDER


UE Anatomy Quest: This is a bag full of games and activities that will create an engaging learning experience all while having fun!

  • Lumps and bumps matching game. Cut out the condition tabs and place on laminated hand template cards
  • Wound, mechanoreceptor, and neuro crosswords. Print and play or complete online
  • Elbow anatomy puzzle. Scan the code and slide the pieces together, anterior and posterior
  • Mini elbow bone cubes match up
  • Mini carpal bone cubes spotlight and shuffle
  • Jumbo laminated forearm connector chart w/e-booklet download
  • Ultimate doodle board! Practice drawing any anatomical area, with loads of space and room to erase and start again. Use this space for following drawing tutorials
  • 3 nerve match-up. Nerve tuck and cover and nerve compression jumble: Cut out the tabs then tuck the compression or the nerve condition under the injured nerve. 
  • Anastomosis hostess and palsy meter: Match the muscle tab to the nerve and its high or low position. Flip the card and match the anastomosis classification to its counterpart
  • Get in line foam block puzzle- Match the colors of each foam block section then line them up one group at a time; sensory return, nerve to muscle, stages of wound healing, axon classes
  • Illustrated anatomical hands-find and label. Use this beautifully illustrated card and the answer sheet to find and label structures, presented on the volar and dorsal surfaces of the hand and wrist, that have been studied throughout the text.   
  • Picture this! Download the label file provided, with 90 awesome pictures from the text. Apply to index cards and you have a great way to summarize the material in just a few words

Free gift! Create a space for your anatomy TV time. Use the sucker pod phone stand and the foam rug to make a place to watch your anatomy shows. All you need now is some popcorn!

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