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Anatomical Hand Reference & Illustrated Booklet For Hand Therapists

This wonderful anatomical hand reference set is designed as a quick guide for seeing relationships between varying levels of anatomy and key clinical areas. For instance, each of the structures depicted on the index to small fingers are all contained within one finger but are broken up on the illustration to gain better perspective. The custom illustrations were developed in a schematic style so the information is quickly assimilated by the seasoned professional and approachable enough for patients to reference. You can use the illustration to show patients a particular region or a specific type of injury or as a visual stimulus to jog your memory on important anatomical topics. The hand reference is a two part heavy duty laminated 11 x 6 inch poster, attached to a beautiful durable wood stand. The booklet is a 24 page, full color reference that includes all the anatomical references on the illustration and more. The anatomical hand reference for hand therapists will made a wonderful addition to your clinic that you will use everyday!


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