Hand In Mind

A New Spiral bound, Ultimate CHT Study Guide, Planner & Comprehensive Workbook.


If you are looking for an effective and engaging means of study for the hand certification exam, the CHT Study Guide and Planner is the only product on the market that covers all of your organizational needs.  This 87-page, full color, spiral bound planner is designed just for the hand therapist!

The enormity of this endeavor calls a few questions to mind:

How will I study and organize my materials?

Should I study concurrent resources or one at a time?

What is my timeline?

What hand related resources will I use?

What is the test blueprint?

What types of notes will I take and are there evidence-based approaches?

What podcasts have fellow hand therapists found helpful?

The CHT Planner is designed to help you kickstart your success by organizing your resources, methodology, and time frame.

In addition to the planner, you will receive:

  • 2 sets of chapter labels for the ASHT Study guide (60 labels total)
  • 2 sets of chapter labels for the purple book (60 labels total)
  • 1 set of 110 pre-printed index cards w/ each chapter of Rehab of The Hand,7th ed.


Your new planner is comprehensive!  There are planning pages, progress trackers, multi-style notes pages, and even pages that help you reward yourself. It includes a yearly calendar page and 52 weeks of goal-setting pages to keep you on track. There are extensive hand-related resources, evidence-based study recommendations, and an at-a-glance page to help jump-start the process. The study system worksheets will help you to consider your entire plan and put it into action.  All of these components fit perfectly together to help you succeed.  Use this planner in conjunction with any preparatory program!



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